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Safe House is the eighth episode of the fifth season in the remake version of S.W.A.T., and the ninety-second episode overall, which was aired on December 10, 2021.


When an undocumented woman is violently abducted, the team forms an unlikely alliance to try and bring her home alive.


He came back to LA in part because he wanted to pursue things with her and so he finally introduced her to his mother. Nichelle came over for dinner one night. She got to meet his mother.

His mother also asked her if she wants kids and then several implications about how a woman her age shouldn’t wait too long else the grandparents might be dead or there could be complications. But during this awkward dinner, Hondo got a call. He got a call from work asking him to come in and he did. He joined his team in de-escalating an armed man in a liquor store. They stunned the gun with few volts and he was done. They were able to call for an ambulance for the injured store owner and he told them the full story.

Ali told them a young woman came in scared. She was nineteen perhaps twenty and she didn’t speak English. She spoke Spanish. This woman came in asking for help and then she tried to hide in the bathroom, but the armed men in looking for her and they got away with her. The team was looking at an abduction. The team’s only clue to finding the young woman is the man they arrested and he wasn’t talking. He was identified as Carlos Ochoa. He didn’t have a record or gang affiliation. He was keeping quiet about someone and so the team tried to find the woman using facial recognition. They didn’t have much luck there either. The woman was undocumented because she wasn’t in any database they had and they were out of options.

Then something happened. Luca lives in an area where people know he’s a cop and can be trusted and so of them approached him about the missing woman. The woman was Jenni Moreno. She was from Honduras. She was fleeing a bad situation there. Jenni was staying at a house for immigrant women and the woman who runs the place was called Mama Pena. Mama Pena was the one who identified Jenni from the security footage.

She said that Jenni was kidnapped one day and forced to act as a drug mule by a gang. She somehow escaped them. She came to the United States and she’s been trying o start over ever since. Jenni was so scared of the people she was running from that she hadn’t even told Mama Pena who they were just in case it got out.

But knowing what they do now, the team was able to find out which gang took Jenni. It was a new gang called “Central Rebels”. They were new to the area and the leader was a baby-faced kid himself. He was trying to make a name for itself. It therefore didn’t look good that one of his mules managed to run away and probably did so as she was carrying their product. Jenni was grabbed. The people who had her were still looking for something and they went looking for it at Mama Pena’s. Luca and Chris were there when the people came looking. They were able to shoot and/or arrest them before anyone could get hurt. The team later questioned Mama Pena about it and she didn’t want them to search the house or the women under her care.

Mama Pena didn’t want to frighten the women. Deacon was also taking a hard line with her because he thought she would be a vigilante if members of his team hadn’t been there and so he pushed her. He probably pushed her more than necessary. While Chris told him to back off. Chris spoke to Mama Pena and she said that Jenni had a backpack when she came. One of the women grabbed it and she was running with it when Luca’s neighbor asked for the bag. Luca’s neighbor is in a gang himself. He knows how people like the Central Rebels think. He was going to give them product in exchange for getting Jenni back, but the team found him before he could and they arrested him for drug possession.





  • Isa Garcia - Jenni Moreno
  • Steve Louis Villegas - Marcos Guzman
  • Terri Hoyos - "Mama Pina" Mrs. Sosa
  • Hector Duran - Javier
  • Victor Manso - Ignacio Cuevas
  • Abe Khalil - Ali
  • Gabriella Martinez - Vera
  • Lombardo Boyar - Det. Alexander Rios
  • John Lowell - Ice Agent



  • This is also the last Friday episode, before moving to Sunday night.
  • Alex Russell who is major role made his directing debut in this episode.
  • Debbie Allen made her guest appearance in this episode.


  • Jenni Moreno has refused to get inside the bus and donated to homeless woman, then she is running to the supermarket and escaped.
  • Hondo visits his mom, Charice and having chat with Nichelle came for a dinner.
  • Winnie Harrelson has been mentioned, but do not appear.
  • Chris has been speaking Spanish.
  • Chris went brawling over Cuevas and she captured Jenni.
  • Jim and Chris went driving and taking Jenni home to reunite Mama Pina and Vera.


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